Connecticut Home Inspector Licensing

Licensed CT Home Inspectors are in demand! There are less than 500 Inspectors with many of them ready to retire. Licensed Inspectors have an opportunity to be well paid for their time on an inspection. Most charge fees that equate to over $100 an hour. Most Licensed Inspectors are self employed and can work 25 hours a week at times convenient to them. Home Inspections are beneficial to your clients so you are providing a valuable service that is well appreciated.

To Earn a CT Home inspection License you must comply with 3 Major Requirements prescribed by the CT Department of Consumer Protection (DCP):

  • Successfully complete entry level training; There are more than 10 DCP approved providers, some resident courses in various states and others correspondence/on line. Most are reasonably priced.
  • Complete a 100 Inspection Internship under the supervision of a Licensed CT Home Inspector. Most Licensed Inspectors will not work with new interns because they are scared of liability or do not want to create future competition. Cost of internship will probably be the highest cost of licensing. Takes a long time to generate 100 inspections.
  • State approved standardized test. Many have to take it a second time but normally not a stopper.

Accuracy Plus can help you with a comprehensive internship in a reasonable amount of time. Supervision by one of only 6 Certified Master Inspectors with other inspectors available for more training opportunities. Accuracy Plus has already helped many interns through successful internships; to include 3 last year.

Please call the office to set up a phone conference with our Certified Master Inspector.

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Read testimonials from our past students!

“I recently finished my internship with Al. It was an amazing experience! Al is extremely knowledgeable, personable and one of only a handful of Master Inspectors in CT. He takes great pride in seeing you succeed. You will learn a great deal and have fun along the way. There is no better mentor to set you up to be a successful home inspector. Thank you Al!” RG 2020

“After completing my required entry level training, I was disappointed that the school I paid did not offer any help finding a supervisor for my required internship. In fact they avoided pointing out that CT required an internship as part of the licensing process. I found Al at the CAHI web site and only winning power ball could have been better. I have my own home inspection business now but still talk to Al on a regularly.” DL 2016

“I recently completed my internship for home inspection with Al. After initially speaking with Al I realize that he had a vast knowledge of not only home inspections but what it takes to run a successful home inspection business. With Al’s experience and ability to teach I found it easy to complete 100 inspections needed to complete my internship. For anyone looking to become a home inspector I would highly recommend Al with the Accuracy Plus home inspection for the first step to becoming a Connecticut Home Inspector.” GM 2016

“While changing careers I decided to get a home inspection license. Al was key in completing the 100 inspection internship. He found me 65 inspections in just 3 months. After that I accepted a full time position in the energy industry. Al kept after me to finish my internship on weekends and days off. Mission accomplished! My internship was completed.” PB 2015

“Going through the internship is a long process. Thankfully I had Al to make the process informative and fun. He is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the home inspection business and is glad to share his knowledge. I have been a licensed home inspector for a couple of years and I still call Al to get my questions answered. Couldn’t ask for a better supervisor.” DF 2014

“The Colonel” is a great mentor. He patiently showed me how to conduct residential home inspections but also how to work with clients and other parties present at the home inspection. He can predict materials and conditions on the inside as he examines the outside. He sees through all the false posturing by dishonest or nervous people involved. I learned something from him on every inspection.” PC 2012

“Al was one of two instructors when I took my entry level training at the Home Inspection Institute of America. I learned that he had gone through the same licensing process that I was just starting and that he ran his own home inspection business. It made complete sense to have him supervise my internship. Great decision on my part. He found all the inspections I needed and helped me prep for the final exam. He was able to establish an approved program where I could utilize my State authorized benefits to pay for my training.” MH 2007