3 Tips To Complete Your Home Inspection Internship Like a Pro

home inspection

If you’ve made the decision to become a certified home inspector in Connecticut, then congratulations: you’re about to embark on a very lucrative and rewarding career path.  If you’ve done your homework, then you know that in order to become a certified home inspector, you must complete a 100-hour internship under the supervision of a Certified Master.

At first, 100 hours may seem overwhelming, but don’t fret; at Accuracy Plus Home Inspections we believe anyone can graduate with flying colors; all it takes is the right attitude and guidance!

Today we’re going to give you some of that guidance. If you want to succeed in your home inspection internship, follow these 3 actionable tips.

Memorize The Key Steps of The Inspection Report

If you want to become a certified master who commands upwards of $100 per hour, then you must first get comfortable addressing different elements during a typical home inspection. While you don’t have to be a master plumber or electrician, you must at least be able to identify areas that require the attention of a specialist. To commit the inspection steps to memory, practice on your own home. Imagine that you were leading a potential buyer through the specified stages; spend some time analyzing the condition of the kitchen, garage, driveway, balcony, and the various appliances that reside in your house or apartment.

Turn Inspection Into a Lifestyle

If you don’t have time to perform this exercise in your own home, then get in the habit of being an inspector wherever you go. At a friend’s house for football Sunday? When you use the bathroom, follow the inspector’s checklist in your head. If this was a client’s house, would you be able to convey any issues to them with confidence? Practice makes perfect!

Make Realtors & Clients Part of the Process

It’s very common for realtors, buyers, and sellers to be in the home that you’re required to inspect. As the intern, you are the student, but to exhibit full mastery of the craft, you should play the role of the teacher with these people. How? Give them something to do. If you’re testing the oil tank, ask them to turn up the thermostat; if you discover carpenter bees, have them physically use a flashlight to reveal their location. Incorporating this sense of positive engagement will help you build confidence and credibility with your audience.

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