Home Inspection Items to Consider Before You Buy

Home inspections are perhaps one of the most critical tasks when it comes to purchasing a property. Whether you’ll be living there for years to come or just reselling – if there are major structural issues or other problems with the dwelling you deserve to know as the buyer before you sign on the dotted line and thats what an inspection can do for you.

Now, not all things that come up in an inspection report may be a make or break item in the home purchase deal, however, most homebuyers like to have an extra bargaining chip in the negotiations and also knowing fully what they’re getting into when they buy.

If you’re confused about which things you should care about in the report, we have some answers you might want to read.

Our latest Ask the Inspector feature comes in the form of a question from a buyer about how important things like missing window screens or HVAC issues are in the report. 

First, it’s important to note that typically the most important Inspection findings are going to be found in the first few pages so grab a chair and a snack and get to reading before closing.

Insignificant details like missing window screens might not be a major enough issue to care about but if you close on a home and notice the screens are no longer there after you’ve already gotten the keys it can be much more difficult to have any details or information on why this is the case. If an inspector has noted an issue such as this you can decide if it’s major enough to bring up. Sometimes those extra screens can be found in a garage or basement or may not be a big deal at all.

Now, when it comes to something like an HVAC system issue, this is where you’ll want to pay more attention. Your inspector likely can spot the major problems but as a homeowner, you’re now going to be responsible for the maintenance bills and upkeep for these systems, so it’s important to pay attention and ask questions.

Both A/C united and HVAC systems will require regular cleanings and services to work optimally. It’s worth it before you buy to know that you’ll need upgrades that could be costly to these systems and to start shopping around for companies that offer service plans to keep you covered and save you money.

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