Tips for Hiring a Home Inspector


Before you buy a new home, you should have it inspected. A house might look perfect on the surface, but it could be filled with hidden problems that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. It’s critical to choose an inspector who is well qualified. Someone who charges less might save you some money now, but he or she could miss problems that would cost you more down the line.

Questions to Ask

Contact several local inspectors to find out what they check in their routine home inspections. Choose the most thorough inspector so you don’t buy the house and then get surprised by a problem that wasn’t found during the inspection.

Check testimonials and ask for references from recent customers. Call them and discuss the inspector’s professionalism, the thoroughness of the inspection, and the clarity and completeness of the report. Ask past customers if they had any concerns or if they would recommend the inspector.

Make sure the inspector you choose is bonded and insured. Ask for proof of insurance. If an inspector gets injured and doesn’t have insurance, the current homeowner and/or you could be sued, or the inspector’s company could put a lien on the house.

If there is anything unusual or unique about the house, look for an inspector with expertise in that area. For example, historic homes could have problems due to their age or building materials that an inspector who only has experience with modern homes might miss.

What to Expect from the Inspection and Report

If the inspector will allow it, go along on the inspection so you can see problems for yourself. It might be difficult to understand the severity of an issue just from reading about it in a report, but seeing it with your own eyes can help you know exactly what is wrong with the house before you buy it. The inspector might also point out some issues that are not serious now, but might be in the future, so you can decide whether to proceed with the purchase.

Even if you are present during the inspection, you should still receive a detailed report noting any problems the inspector found. The report should include photos that clearly illustrate damage. If significant issues are discovered, you can ask the seller to fix them or lower the asking price, or you can decide to simply walk away and look for another house.

Don’t Skip an Inspection

No matter how excited you are about a house, don’t buy it without getting it inspected. Problems aren’t always obvious, but they can be expensive. If you buy a house without having it inspected and discover a problem later, you could be stuck with astronomical repair bills.

Accuracy Plus can inspect a house you have your eye on and let you know if there is any cause for concern. We have helped homebuyers across Connecticut make informed decisions with confidence.

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