Tips for Home Buyers Considering a Property with a Well

If you dream of buying a home in a rural area, you will probably find properties that get water from a well. There are important things to understand and check before you go ahead with a purchase. Consider the Type and Location of the Well You should only buy a house with a drilled well…. Read more »

Buying An Oil Heated Home? 3 Tips to Prepare For The Winter

After purchasing a home with oil heat, many people neglect to ask the right questions, like: How often should it be serviced? Are there things I can do to keep it running properly? Of course, this is understandable: when buying a home, most people aren’t thinking about their oil tank; they’re thinking about color schemes,… Read more »

First-time Homebuyers: How to Stop the Stress & Anxiety

Buying a home is supposed to be one of the great milestones in one’s life journey. The moment you invest in something you and your family will enjoy over the years. While this was once the “American Dream” most aspired too, times are changing. People are leading busier lives, having a large family isn’t in… Read more »

What Happens After a Home Inspection?

Congratulations on beginning the journey to homeownership. While there are some hurdles you’ll likely need to overcome throughout the process, the end result, a home you can proudly call your own for years to come, makes the process well worth it. Because buying a home includes the exchange of such a large sum of money,… Read more »

Preparing Your Home for Sale: Why Seller Inspections Are Important

With new job creation and a more confident economy, the housing market has started to see an upswing. Sellers are getting ready to put their homes on the market as demand for home’s increases and millennial buyer’s scope out their new “forever home.” Things have turned around from the last decade with historically low home… Read more »

Warning: Never Skip a Home Inspection

Buying a home is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. Not only because the purchase is something buyers can all their own, but because there was likely a lot of hard work and savings involved to get to the point where making this large financial commitment was possible. Naturally, you want to find… Read more »

3 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Buying a home is at the top of the priority list for today’s largest demographic of spenders – millennials. As they head out into the market in search of their ‘forever home’ you may be thinking it’s a great opportunity to get your home sold. Before you list it though, consider these very important reasons… Read more »

Safety Guidelines for Home Pools

Swimming pools should always be happy places. Unfortunately, each year thousands of American families confront swimming pool tragedies, drownings and near-drownings of young children. At InterNACHI, we want to prevent these tragedies. These are guidelines for pool barriers that can help prevent most submersion incidents involving young children. These guidelines are not intended as the… Read more »